Before You Sell!

Is it wise to wait for the purchaser’s inspector to assess the condition of your home? As a seller, advance knowledge of repair items gives you control of the negotiation and sale process. You have time to review written estimates, if needed, and weigh your options. You’ll know exactly where you stand without the pressure of last minute repair or upgrade decisions that could cost you thousands. A Pre-Listing inspection covers the same elements as the pre-purchase inspection; uncovering any existing hot spots that could worry or alarm potential buyers. Small problems to you could be a warning sign to the buyer, perhaps lowering your home’s market value. A Pre-Listing Inspection will enable you to do everything you can to get the house in good condition before you list it. Eliminating deficiencies in your home before a potential buyer sends in their Inspector will better protect your investment and increase your selling advantage. No home is perfect. Here is your chance to control pre-sale repair negotiations!